Electric Love Supreme w/ Henry Kaiser, Steve Kimock, Bob Bralove, Larry Ochs, and Reed Mathis - Sweetwater, Mill Valley, Ca 2.3.18 - SOLD OUT








Electric Love Supreme   

February 8,  2019  - Mc Cabes, Santa Monica, CA                     

w/ Henry Kaiser, Mike Watt, Vinny Diviola 

J Hanrahan Quartet

February 15, 2019 - Bremerton, Wa -  

February 16, 2019 - Seattle, Wa - Royal Room 


John Hanrahan / Electric Love Supreme article link January 2018 - Good Times - Santa Cruz, Ca:



John Hanrahan’s Love Supreme Quartet has been performing together in Chicago and around the globe for over 20 years. This accomplished quartet performs A Love Supreme annually in an effort to share Coltrane’s passion for jazz, spirit, and the love of live performance. Considered to be the defining jazz recording of all time, John Coltrane and his equally innovative quartet (McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones) recorded the album A Love Supreme in 1964 on Impulse Records. Hanrahan’s quartet will perform the full suite in celebration of Coltrane’s significant landmark recording.


"John Coltrane’s A LOVE SUPREME took music to the outer edges, both spiritually and acoustically—it was quite literally far out in every way.  But I don’t think even Trane envisioned the addition of electricity to the mix.  Turns out it works.  John Hanrahan’s Electric Love Supreme Project will quite simply stir up your brain cells, flood you with endorphins, and leave you shaken.  There’s nothing quite like it." - Dennis McNally, Grateful Dead Publicist 


“John Hanrahan’s  A Love Supreme project made a strong impact at the 2014 Monterey Jazz Festival. The music was powerful, on-point and created an emotional statement that paid true allegiance to it's inspirational source it’s inspirational source”.   -Tim Jackson, Monterey Jazz Festival Director / Kuumbwa Jazz Center Co-Founder



“The J Hanrahan Quartet embrace, honor and nurture a masterpiece.”  -Chicago Tribune





A veteran of the creatively fecund Chicago jazz scene, Santa Cruz-based drummer John Hanrahan has made a strong impression in the area with his quartet’s galvanizing performances of John Coltrane’s prayerful masterpiece A Love Supreme. He gets an early start celebrating the golden anniversary of an epochal musical year with “Sounds from ’67—Miles to McCoy, Jimi to The Beatles,” a program celebrating some of the recordings that defined a transitional era, as rock embraced psychedelia and jazz musicians explored new structures and forms. Featuring saxophonist Jay Moynihan, pianist Brother John Kattke, and bassist Chris Bernhardt, Hanrahan’s quartet is aphoto: dave clark


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